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2- and 3-Body Demo

Two and three body problems.

function f2body (x,y,m1,m2)

  y=f(x,y) for the differential equations
function test2body (y1,m1=1,m2=1,n=100,tmax=360,fixed=0,h=1)

  2-body demo
  Intial y is a row vector with two positions and two speed vectors
  in the form [x1,y1,x2,y2,vx1,vy1,vx2,vy2]. m1 and m2 are the masses
  of the two bodies. 
  For slower animation increase h. For more accuracy increase n. The
  simulation runs until one body leaves the definition area (unless
  fixed is true), or tmax is reached.
  >fixed fixes the display at the first mass, which is positioned
  in (0,0).


function f3body (x,y,m1,m2,m3)

  y=f(x,y) for the differential equations
function test3body (y1,m1=1,m2=1,m3=1,n=100,fixed=0,tmax=360,h=1)

  3-body demo
  Works like test2body, but takes three positions and speed vectors,
  and three masses.

Set Planets

function setplanets

  Set the planets and initial vectors with the mouse.
  3-body which sets the positions with the mouse.