The main method to get help in Euler is the Help Window. It opens at any time with F1.

The help window can display help for various kinds of topics depending on your input. If the input line is empty some topics are visible. Select a topic by double clicking on it.

text any topic that starts with the text
text+blank or text( a specific topic
*text any topic containing the text in the title
?text topics containing the text in the description
&text or blank+text topic in the Maxima documentation
blank+text+blank specific topic in the Maxima documentation
_command built-in command, excluding Euler functions
filename.e list functions in this file
type function types the definition of this function
listvar text variables with names containing text
list text functions containing the text

The return key selects the first specific topic from the list of found topics. The escape key clears the input or closes the dialog. The F1 key opens the selection in the browser.

You can also double click on any topic in the output of the help window. Some topics have a "see:" at the end of their help. Double click on any of these links to open the help for this link.

Help Window

Help in the Browser

There are the following pages in the Euler documentation.

There are additional notebooks which are extracted from Euler files. These notebooks are linked from example or introduction notebooks.

Help in the Program

At any time, you see information related to the current cursor position in the status line. Moreover, there are the help and mxmhelp command. These commands are a bit outdated. The help window should be used instead.